Pre-Filled SMART Cities Notice of Liability for Chilliwack

Chilliwack Chapter of Action4Canada

Notice of Liability: SMART Cities

Chilliwack Mayor and City Council

How to Serve the Notice of Liability

  • Print two copies of each Notice of Liability
  • The name of the mayor and city councillors are pre-filled on these forms
  • Sign your name and fill in the date in the space provided on the first and last page – on both copies
  • Keep one copy of the Notice of Liability for your records
  • Give the second copy of the Notice of Liability to the person you are serving it to. If they choose not to accept it, then leave it on the floor at their feet
  • If you are serving the Notice of Liability in person, be sure to video record yourself serving it (or audio record if video is not possible)
  • If sending by mail, you must use registered mail as that provides proof of delivery

Keep all information (eg. your copy of the Notice of Liability, any video or audio recording of when you served it, or Registered Mail Receipts in a safe place for future use. 

You can also deliver all of this information to your Chapter Leader for safekeeping.

NOTE: You do not need a lawyer to serve a Notice of Liability.

Download the Documents

Click on each name below to download the pre-filled PDF Notice of Liability for that individual.

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